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That is just me being honest. Now if you were 33 and and she was 26, then it would be cool. Cause then she would be more on the same page as you. Originally Posted by Maharishi. Son, your video doesn't work. Which would leave you at a low end But it's up to you. This girl is still a child no one is mature at 19 regardless how they act or how much they have travelled. If there's grass on the field, play ball. MMO-C, home of the worst community on the internet.

It makes you mature?

We only live once. Ff your lucky enough to find someone special , dont be to hung up in age.

Offcourse if she was like 16 it would been something else. No, 26 and 19 is not wildly unreasonable. Should I do online dating? I have never had a boyfriend and have never been on a date. Currently I'm finishing up my undergrad and will be entering a Master program in the Fall. I think I'm fairly attractive and I do not have a super high standard. At my college, I do socialize and have a lot of friends but for some reasons, I don't know many guys and the ones I know are either already in a relationship or just not interested in me.

I've thought about online dating but I don't know if I'm too young for it, if my inexperience would put me in dangerous situations, etc.


I've thought about joining paid sites such as match. However, I am still a student and my budget is limited. I'd greatly appreciate any advice anyone has for me. I joined OKCupid free! We dated for a while, broke up for a year, and got back together. We got engaged a few months ago. I can't think of a good reason not to give it a shot.

I'd say the success levels are about the same as meeting people offline. Yes you should do online dating.

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Put a little effort into your profile on OKC nice, flattering pictures of you engaged in a variety of fun activities, plus some concise, punchy, upbeat profile verbiage that shows you don't take yourself too seriously and prepare to be deluged with messages. Strike up an online conversation with a few people who seem interesting and see how it goes.

How young is too young?!? (dating)

That would be the place to start, rather than a pay site. But, regardless--you are and will be on a college campus!!! Join fun clubs and organizations and go week after week if you're not doing so already. That'll get you outside your circle of friends and into a larger population of possibly interesting and interested people. Okcupid is a pretty good place.

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You are the ideal age for online dating! Most people online meeting places aren't out to kill you and eat you; but that said, do take some basic precautions: Meet up in public, let people you trust know where you are and when you are expected to be back, don't take rides from strangers or candy from guys in dark vans. Don't put your address or phone number on the internet.

Also, even if they did spam, if their profile looks interesting, what do you have to lose?

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Edating is a numbers game, like so many other things. My mom and I both met someone well, separate someones!

Is 19 too young to be on a dating site? - The Student Room

I see no problem with it. I mean obviously you're legally old enough to. I used dating sites when I was Some did say to me ''you're too young'' some users on there may assume you're too immature to have a serious relationship. I met a few girls on there so it had potential. I met my current partner a year ago, when I was 25, from POF.

Is Online Dating Right For People in Their 20s?

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