Dating vintage purses

I'll share a few helpful tips and tricks I've learned.

Vintage Bags

Then, I'll put them to work to show you how I determined the age of some vintage handbags. Each of these purses will soon be available for purchase in my shop!


Is there a brand label? The following sources are great for researching these identifiers. Each designer or brand has its own page that tells the history and lists examples of labels from different eras.

This website has many other useful pages that are chock full of information. As long as a registration has been applied for at some point, you should be able to find what you are looking for. The thing I love about this resource is that you are able to see when the particular mark was first used commercially.

How to Identify Vintage Purses

For example, even if a registration wasn't applied for until , you can still see that the trademark was first used in Say it expired in You now know that your item had to have been made between and ! How is the piece constructed?

Study the seams and the stitching. High-quality vintage purses have straight seams that are even.

Jagged or irregular seams—around the zippers, handles or outer corners of a vintage purse—indicate poor workmanship. Look at the inside labels. A vintage Chanel handbag has a silver or gold logo inside its lining.

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Visit the retail store or website of your favorite handbag designer. View past and current collections. Search for styles and design themes to help you identify vintage purses.

VintageSmash: How to Date Vintage Bags + Sneak Peek

Beware of buying vintage purses online. Before establishing an authentic collection, Hendrikje and Heinz Ivo acquired many bags and purses in a period of over 30 years. They both describe their passion as a fascination for handbags and all of their elements: Consequently, the collectors developed a full-scale museum of carefully selected, fine-quality items that illustrates the rich history of the bag in Western culture.

The story of this fascinating collection of bags started when Hendrikje Ivo bought a handbag from Under its roof, visitors can find one-time historical exemplars as well as timeless classics, designed and produced by famous brands and contemporary designers. These rooms are also conceptualized venues for high tea events which can be visited by two people or large groups. The collection demonstrates that the bag exists in a wide variety of forms, functions, materials and decorations.