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But even if the science cannot prove it, you should accept that there is a main difference between righ-handed and left-handed people. However, the difference still exists between right-handed and left-handed people. What about ambidextrous individual like me?

I can use both hands in many ways though each hand is more adept in some functions than the other. I could not remember how I learned to write with my right hand but I can also write with my left if I need to. When I get tired using my left I can also switch to my right without any problems ex. When I became conscious of my being ambidextrous , I began using my right hand as I learned new skills knitting, giving injections.

Is there any study about ambidextrous individuals? What percentage of the population and how many are indeed gifted in both brain functions? I can write on a chalk board with my right hand, but prefer my left. I loved both of these stories. The short version of my story is that I can draw and was always pretty good at math. I attribute both of these to parents that had time to spend with me in the years before I went to school. And they did so until I was 5— school started later in those years than it does now, and think I may have been quite different without that early boost in somewhat opposing talents.

At age 66 my right shoulder rotator cuff was severely injured in a surfing accident. There was too much damage for surgery to be effective but with rehabilitation, I could use both arms to paddle for surfing. However, a lifetime sport, tennis, was out of the question.

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I decided to try with my left hand and with a lot of practice and patience, especially by my wife, I can now play almost as well with my left hand which is remarkable to me now age I also grew up in an extremely alcoholic and dysfunctional family developing some nasty personal traits. This was aggravated by a ruptured right MCA aneurysm with a significant right brain insult, at age 28, causing some left sided weakness, pathfinding difficulties, and naming difficulties.


The Left Brain vs The Right When Dating

When able, I began exercising, studying, and solving difficult mathematical problems in my head. Later, I began meditating and worked very hard on changing my very irritable personality. As my wife can attest, I changed remarkably over many years developing patience in addition to persistence, and becoming internally as well as externally calm. Thank you for your enlightening discussion and information. I am a medical doctor trained in Nigeria, Switzerland and the United States.

This kind of action exists in some other African countries.

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After my exposure to Neuroscience in the US, and seeing and knowing personality changes that take place in people with brain damage after much common cerebrovascular disease in Nigeria, I came to the conclusion that, of course, certain areas of the brain, controls certain behaviors and specific actions. I respect all people of all creed and shades. In the country, people find it hard to understand that our brains may be different and that some people may have more, or fewer enhancements, rather biochemical, and less structural differences that influence their behaviors.

There is evidence, that I have seen and studied myself, that the LGBTQ people are a variant of the mainstream and should be allowed to exist freely or protected. If so, I would appreciate more information and materials on this.

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In fact, there are many nuclear families here with children from the same parents, but one of them becomes an LGBTQ. The family cannot understand why and ascribes all kinds of non-scientific causes to the strange to them development.

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The person becomes miserable and lives a frustrated life. But your objection seems obviously sound. I am technically right-handed but do most things with my left hand. Brain-related or because my mother was a leftie and I do things the way she taught me? I believe I have mixed dominance; my proof is almost universal confusion when I meet a revolving door — which way to push?

Continue for five or six shifts. Would love for someone to test that! If thinking with either left side or right side do exist, how do they or we control it?

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  4. Is it also possible to use your both sides of the brain at the same time? I guess it should follow that brain activity i. But the brain is always metabolizing, receiving blood and producing some electrical activity. It is alive after all. Is it possible that esoteric brain activities like intuition, analytical thinking and creative thinking might occur at the baseline or ground state of the human brain?

    Perhaps our observational tools cannot measure everything of importance going on in the brain. Researches to resolve the righty-lefty issue should include deeper studies on the unified and coordinated roles of corpus callosum, the occipital lobes, the thalamus and the handedness phenomenon. Otherwise, all that right-left question remain a mystifying anomaly. One such example of this anomaly is me. I am writer with strong discursive skills in words and logic who is a visual artist — drawing, painting, sculpture, photography — right-handed and with strong physical preference for my left stances in martial arts.

    I and the few others like me would be curious about what science say on this myth.

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    4. I wonder about cross hemispheric individuals. I was tested in my youth and advised that indeed I had cross hemispheric or cross dominance symptoms. At the same time I was tested and found to have an IQ of Not amazing as an IQ compared to many, but it did allow me to adapt and learn in new ways during my lifetime, at least to date. I understand your thoughts on the research results. Certainly other research points to the fact that after brain trauma one can start to use other areas of the brain to take over functions for damaged areas.

      When these logical, rational people link up with their opposites, communication problems are predictable, he said.

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      Part of learning how to communicate is using verbs accurately, he said. He has seen many physicians' marriages fail because this groundwork was not laid, and the stress of medical school during the early years often was blamed. Deckert frequently asks seminar participants to define the rules that govern their relationship.

      To explain, he asks about the rules regarding the bathroom door in the house where they grew up. Then, there are the rules regarding who can cry and who can express anger. There is no such thing as similar backgrounds, he said.

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      Couples also should find something they enjoy doing together, which will inevitably foster communication, Deckert said. It's devastating to the children, and often leads to extramarital affairs," he said. Another issue to be ironed out early in the marriage is a technique for resolving problems, or what Deckert calls fighting fairly.